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For Individual riders and riders


Individual guidance

casual conversations

  • You are underperforming, you have a motivational dip, you are overtrained, or any other form of 'it's not going as expected'. 

  • You want to work towards a cycling goal and you want to gain a basis in a few sessions to achieve mental gains.

  • structural support is recommended if you really want to bring about systematic change 

Structural guidance

  • I am your sports psychologist who follows you through your season(s). 

  • We train on mental skills and work on possible mental inhibitors to perform optimally and also feel optimal as a person and athlete

  • Like a coach who looks at the physical, I am your coach who follows you about the mental. (Ideally I also have contact with your physical coach, so that we both have the total picture of the rider)

For cycling teams and federations


The sports psychologist of and for the team

In brief:

  • The mental is part of the puzzle to perform optimally

  • As a sports psychologist I am part of the supporting staff and I am in close contact with the doctor, physiotherapist, trainer, dietician, sports director, etc.

What does this mean?

  • Mental skills training, in group, per theme at certain times in the season

  • Individual follow-up of each rider in the team to further develop learned mental skills individually

  • Individual conversations/guidance at the request of the riders, coaches, team leaders (e.g. injury, fall, overtraining, motivation dip, ...)

Workshops and lectures


informative and inspiring lectures about mental strength on a bicycle

What does this mean?

  • I am coming to give an informative and inspiring lecture about the mental strength in cycling. How can you really make mental gains outside of the 'marginal gains'? Because close to exhaustion, it is mainly the 'kopke' that says 'stop'. And we can train on that. 

  • If you have a specific theme in mind, this can certainly be discussed as well 

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