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How do I proceed?

We always start with a free exploratory conversation of half an hour, which can be done via video calling, for example, but also on location. We will see if I can help you and if it clicks. We will then discuss further guidance.

One reason I call myself 'the cycling psychologist' is because I try to do certain mental accompaniments on the bike. It has been proven that when the context is as similar as possible during the learning process, there is a greater chance that you will use these skills at the moment of truth. It is also true that the natural environment better organizes your thoughts and you are often more creative in seeing solutions. 


This can take place in my region (Pajottenland/Dilbeek region) or on location. Of course this does not have to be cycling, but it can also be done walking, for example, I try to be in quiet movement as much as possible. 

Of course, if this doesn't fit, we will just sit down.   

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