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Who is Jens?

7 years ago I was at the start of my first race. With stress, of course, and thoughts that made my head spin. That stress, those thoughts and what that does to an athlete, especially cyclists, is what I'm very interested in. I have also experienced how stress can paralyze when I was 13 and was allowed to play a test match at football AA Gent. 'If only I were stronger in my head', is what I was thinking back then. Now I think: 'If only I had someone who could have guided me to handle stress and to develop mental skills that I can progress in my sport'. 

      Today I am a doctor of psychology and sports psychologist and I know how to optimize the mental aspect, which is a super important part of sports performance. And what's more, I know how to work on that mental puzzle piece to complete the puzzle of a peak performance. On this website you will find a combination of my two passions, psychology and cycling. As a doctor of psychology I have been involved in psychological science and I also start from that science as a sports psychologist. As a sports psychologist and mental coach I will work with you to not only focus on making that body stronger, but also to make mental gains with 'your head'. Because it is your head and your body that must be ready together to feel good and to perform optimally. 

About me


dr. Jens van Lier

Sports psychologist, PhD.


  • Master in Psychology, KU Leuven

  • Doctor of Psychology, KU Leuven

  • Specialization Practice-oriented Sports Psychology, KU Leuven

Why the cycling psychologist?

​I am a passionate cyclist who can enjoy the famous cobbled 'bergs' of Flanders as well as the melting asphalt roads of the Tour Down Under. I really love a 10 kilometer 'col' with an average gradient of 7%. The bicycle provides my own physical and mental 'therapy', because going out with the bicycle is wonderful and necessary, both for body and mind. Working towards a cycling goal, even if it is a race, gran fondo or bike packing adventure is my favorite activity. I have always been very interested in the influence of the mental aspect on sports performance, and in particular the suffering on a bicycle. I therefore have written a book in which I discuss the sports psychology science of mental strength on the bike, based on my first race I ever did in Australia. 

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